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  • News Bants Live: Summer Edition 2021

    This episode was recorded in front of a live virtual audience. We discuss some of the biggest stories of the year so far, and explore a range of questions, including: […]

  • News Bants Live: Summer Edition

    Join us for News Bants Live: Summer Edition

    Join Bieneosa Ebite and Paul Nezandonyi for a live recording of the News Bants Podcast on 7 August 2021, 6.30pm - 8.00pm.

  • News Bants: Politics and sleaze

    In this special episode of News Bants, we discuss politics and sleaze. From the Greensill scandal to questions over the funding of Downing Street’s gold wallpaper, Tory sleaze is back. […]

  • News Bants: Live Predictions show 2021

    We share our unfiltered and light-hearted predictions for news, politics and culture in 2021. This episode was recorded live in front of a remote audience.

  • News Bants: A review of 2020

    In this special edition, we share an unfiltered and light-hearted look back on 2020 news, politics and culture. This was originally recorded as a live show for The Pros Winter […]

  • PR Bants: Black Lives Matter

    In this special episode of PR Bants we discuss the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement and the reaction of brands, and the socio-political environmemt in the […]

  • PR Bants #41

    Episode 41 of PR Bants covers these topics: Who are the corporate ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ in the coronavirus crisis? When is it the right time to talk about politics and […]

  • PR Bants: In conversation with Steve Reed MP

    In this specical edition of PR Bants, we are joined by the Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Croydon North, Steve Reed. Our discussion covers the following: Why Labour […]

  • PR Bants: Predictions for 2020

    In this special edition of PR Bants, we make predictions about what is in store for the world of public relations, media, politics, and everything in-between, in 2020. Happy listening, […]

  • PR Bants: A review of 2019

    In this special edition of PR Bants we review some of the news stories, PR campaigns and political events that captured our attention in 2019. Happy listening, and let us […]